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Playing this game can be really fun, but it can also be very frustrating and depressing if you don’t have enough coins or points on your account. Are you also tired of opening gold packs, but the only items you get are player contracts, fitness or average player? It doesn’t have to be like this!


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Just imagine you could buy any player, no matter if IF, TOTY, TOTS or just regular ones. You could create any team and compete with your dream team in the seasons mode, Weekend Cup or FUT Champions Cup! shows you how you will never need to spend money for Ultimate Team again by using the new FIFA 18 hack.


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Everyone is complaining about Ultimate Team is becoming a “pay-to-win” game more and more. This is right. When you have lots of money you can just spend it for FIFA Points and open as much packs as you want to get great player. The FIFA 18 hack makes exactly this possible without spending cash. Other gamer who are not having much money will never be able to become a top player in the FUT champions cup, because they have an average team. Of course you can be a very skillful gamer, but on a very high level of gaming just a small difference can decide between win or lose. If someone got Ronaldo, Bale and Suarez he will be able to score anytime from any distance. That is the power which comes with these kind of player. But if you only got Soldado, Chicharito or Giroud you won’t have the same chances as someone who got Ronaldo or Suarez. This is very obvious and not equal at all. says everyone should have the same chances to win a match or a cup. We are for equality on FUT and thats why we came up with the FIFA 18 hack.


The FIFA 18 Coins Hack makes it extremely easy for you to simply generate free FIFA 18 coins and points instead of buying them for your hard-earned money. You will become much more independence, because you don’t have to trade anymore get a decent amount of coins. Also you don’t need luck anymore when it comes to open packs. Lets be honest: In the gold packs are 60% player contracts, 30% other items such as fitness, 9% of average player and 1% of outstanding player like Messi or Ronaldo. Some gamer on the official Facebook page of EA are even saying things like: “It is easier to make Ronaldo in McDonalds, then to get him out of an gold pack.” and thats right.


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How the FIFA 18 Coin Generator works

Here is how the FIFA Coin Generator for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC is actually working. is not hacking your Xbox Live, PSN or PC account. Either we are not hacking any of EAs lame server. Our FIFA Points and Coins Hack takes advantage of a bug which is existing in the FUT WebApp. I don’t want to say more, because it might be they fix this bug, but to give you one more hint: We are taking advantage of this bug and using it as a loophole to easily change the values of the items within the game. Thats why we only need your account name, the platform you are playing on and how much free FIFA points and coins you want. The FIFA Ultimate Team Hack is made by a development team, which already helped gamer to get items in other games on iOS, Android, PC or console.


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If you also want FIFA 18 free coins and points you should use the FIFA 18 coin generator as long as you can. Right now in this moment there are hundreds of Ultimate Team gamer who are generating themselves free items. The FIFA 18 Coins Hack is working since September 2017 when it was officially released. You also might find FIFA-Online on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. These days there is a huge amount of videos on Twitch, Dailymotion and YouTube in which gamer from all over the world are using the FIFA 18 Coin Generator on every console, their smartphone (FUT Companion) and PC (WebApp). The best part of is it works for every platform and you can use it on every platform. For example when you are in the school you can simply take your smartphone, open the browser, enter and start using the FIFA 18 Hack to get free FIFA coins and points. Thats how easy it can be. Other provider are offering tools like the FIFA 18 Hack, but only for specific consoles like only for PlayStation. We make it happen for everyone!